Become an Ambassador for Elk

Become an Ambassador for Elk

Become an Ambassador for Elk

Elk is seeking excited, motivated and committed individuals to help expand and further the Elk journey. As Elk continues to grow, it becomes important to bolster brand awareness and to broaden our reach to new audiences. Elk Ambassadors are responsible for engaging with the community, creating content, organizing events, researching and attracting new partnerships, helping with translations, facilitating design work and much more.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn how to become a cross-chain ambassador for Elk Finance.

Who should apply?

There are many opportunities for keen individuals to become Elk Ambassadors. While some positions require a solid understanding of Elk’s products and mission, others only require having a working knowledge in any of the various tasks listed in the Ambassador Roles section.

Applicants must have:
• Strong interpersonal skills
• The ability to communicate clearly and effectively

Elk crypto ambassador


Submit an application form


An interview with an Elk team member
(Subject to qualification)

Trial period

Complete a trial period to become an Elk Ambassador

When selected, the new team member will gain the title of “Apprentice Ambassador” and will work as a volunteer until a trial period has been completed. Once this trial period has been completed, the new recruit will become an “Elk Ambassador” and be entitled to the programme’s benefits and perks.

Ambassadors will work closely with a knowledgeable member of the Elk team to ensure proper training for roles where specific understanding is needed.

It is highly recommended that all applicants take the time to familiarize themselves with the Medium articles, Litepaper, Elk Academy educational series, Podcasts and other documents that are available on the website.

Ambassador Roles

There will be many opportunities for Ambassadors at various skill levels and availability to contribute to the project.

Ambassadors will need to work closely together in order to accomplish the various tasks needed to elevate Elk to the next level.

Each one of the following roles will need to be filled initially. Once a foundational Ambassador team has been established, more team members may be added as needed.

Code of Conduct
Ambassadors represent the Elk brand and, as such, they will need to embrace the core values of Elk.

It’s important that the protocols and ethics are followed in order to retain consistency within the team and to convey the appropriate message to potential investors and partners.

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Developers will be crucial in helping with technical project development, website and UX improvements, reading and writing smart contracts, participating in bug bounties, helping identify legitimacy in other potential project partnerships, alongside other duties on the back end.

Outreach will need to have a very solid and thorough understanding of Elk and why it is important to decentralized finance, Web3 and distributed technologies.

You will be responsible for researching potential projects to pursue, negotiate with, and even build partnerships from beginning to end if you’re up for it.

Researching projects will require due diligence to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the project by engaging in text chats, voice/video calls researching their history in social media, working with the Developers to check smart contracts for potential rugpulls and other malicious code.

Artists are the foundation of the Ambassador team as their content will provide the first impression of Elk to many users. They will be responsible for creating content for the website, articles, tweets, advertisements, stickers, videos, animations and memes as well as whatever else is needed from the team. 

Artists will need to work alongside the Marketing team to help achieve Elk’s goals. Create artwork for banners, events, giveaways, NFTs and for other projects led by Community Ambassadors. Moreover, Artists will be tasked with content required by the Outreach Team. These tasks, and many others, will form the basis of an Artist’s responsibilities.

The Community Leader will be heavily involved in social media such as, but not limited to: Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Medium, Instagram, Facebook and other such platforms. 

As a Community Leader, the Ambassador will have to be actively engaged with the community by moderating chat rooms, igniting conversation, answering common questions and generally creating a positive atmosphere for those who are engaged with the project. 

Other Community Leaders tasks include organizing and managing community events, giveaways, organizing and hosting AMAs and other such activities. An integral part of a Community leaders role is to work alongside Marketing to share announcements and to provide further information to the community.

The Marketing team actively writes articles, creates advertisements and announcements to be shared on the various social media platforms. Marketing will work closely with Artists to create the content needed. 

Often, specific marketing packages will need to be put together for targeted projects coordinated with the Outreach team and community events coordinated with the Community Leaders. 

Marketing’s primary focus is to reach out to a broader audience by seeking out new platforms and opportunities, create trending searches and tailor advertisements to specific tasks to further promote Elk. Marketing is a broad remit, but it is centered on the user and the product – know them both well and mission accomplished.

Ambassador Programme Roadmap

To successfully roll out the Ambassador Programme it will be imperative to train a few competent and motivated core Elk Ambassadors to help guide and facilitate the training of new recruits. The different roles in the Ambassador programme will require a team leader to organize and manage the tasks required by each department.

Initially, with a focus on marketing, applicants with the widest variety of skills and most thorough understanding of Elk will be selected and trained. At the outset, a heavy focus on marketing and community development should be the focus of the Ambassador Programme rollout.

Become an Ambassador

Stay updated on our latest news on Web3 interoperability

Stay updated on our latest news on Web3 interoperability