Build cross-chain, decentralized applications with ease

Elk’s Bridge-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows developers to quickly, securely and easily deploy cross-chain tokens (or make an existing token truly cross-chain).

A unique solution for developers deploying cross-chain tokens and dApps.

With the BaaS SDK, you can make your new and existing tokens cross-chain compatible.

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Streamline your cross-chain development with Elk's Bridge-as-a-Service SDK.

Benefits of building on ElkNet



Rely on our validator network for security – join it too!

Connecting decentralized networks with the decentralized ElkNet.



20 blockchains, all of which are available straight out of the box.

Need to add a new chain? Applications welcome.


Low maintenance

The BaaS SDK provides the tooling for your cross-chain needs. 

Once configured it runs seamlessly.



Deploy token, reservoir, realm and configure.

Managed by protocols, for their dApps.



Blockchains are all monitored and checked before and during cross-chain transfers.

Security first.


Low cost

Optimised for gas and includes a customisable fee structure.

Earn from your bridge.

Take your dApp to the next level by using ElkNet's Bridge-as-a-Service

ElkNet-integrated blockchains

How Elk's Bridge-as-a-Service works

BaaS utilizes a novel reservoir system for liquidity on supported blockchains, resulting in fewer smart contract risks, greater transparency, and lower fees.

All tokens that move through the ElkNet are, by design, native to every blockchain they are connected to. Fragmentation that occurs from mint/burn, and exit-liquidity token availability limitations from lock/unlock bridges, are eradicated by ElkNet’s token reservoirs

Reservoir system

Each Reservoir Contract holds the total supply of $TOKEN tokens minus the circulating supply on the corresponding chain.


The ElkNet autonomously controls and coordinates the movements of $TOKEN in and out reservoirs.

Token Journey

For cross-chain transfers, $TOKEN enters the reservoirs on the origin chain, which prompts ElkNet to send a message to the reservoir on the destination chain to release $TOKEN into the user’s wallet.

Cross-chain use-cases for BaaS

The sky’s the limit for how DeFi and Web3 projects can find ways to interact and provide services and opportunities for their users. Elk’s BaaS is flexible and capable of fulfilling myriad demands; most of which are waiting to be discovered by you, the pioneers of Web3 who are building dApps right now.

Doubleclick - Community

Fiat on/off-ramps looking for an entry point to multiple ecosystems. ElkNet can connect to the blockchains desired.

Connect your ramp to any blockchain and deposit funds through the ElkNet to anywhere.

A bridge for your dApp that you control and can customize.

Don’t rely on centralized bridges for your infrastructure.

ElkNet is FOR cross-chain explorers, run BY cross-chain explorers.

Build your own safe bridge to your own specifications.


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Projects that seek to be decentralized, trustless and chain-agnostic. Truly cross-chain.

Allow your users the freedom to choose which blockchain they prefer, and expand your user-base to multiple ecosystems.

Real goods and payment gateways.

Vendors can accept multiple currencies and channel payments through ElkNet to the desired endpoint.

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Projects building on ElkNet

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