Decentralized Exchange


ElkDex is a user-facing solution that connects you and your assets to the ElkNet cross-chain bridge.

  • Value transfer – swap assets into $ELK and send/receive through the ElkNet
  • Cross-chain swaps automate the swapping process
  • $ELK moves swiftly between blockchains, natively – wherever the token is moved to it is an actual asset, not a receipt or wrapped token
Decentralized exchange Swap - ElkDEX
Decentralized Farm

ElkNet-integrated blockchains

Liquidity and Farming

Decentralized exchanges and bridges require liquidity for various purposes, ElkDex provides the liquidity for swapping $ELK.

ElkDex liquidity connects $ELK, the chain gas token (e.g., BNB, AVAX, ETH) and a stablecoin on each ElkNet supported chain.

Liquidity providers (LP) earn swap fees and $ELK emissions:

Emissions are a distribution channel for the $ELK token

LP providers share swap fees AND earn $ELK emissions

Decentralized Farming
Elk Analytics

On-chain Analytics

Full overview of your Liquidity Positions, farms & exchange volume.

Defi.Watch integration

Multi-chain support

LP Reward tracking

Calling devs and builders

Use ElkNet infrastructure to create bespoke cross-chain applications on a secure and decentralized framework without fragmentation or exit liquidity problems

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