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What do we do?

We aim to be the Leading Forex Market for the Decentralized Economy

We are building a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. The Elk ecosystem will make it seamless for anyone to exchange cryptocurrencies.
Any chain, anytime, anywhere.™

Why Elk.Finance?

Our Solution to the Problems
in Crypto today

Problem #1. icon

Hard to Move Assets Around

Between heavy fees and complicated procedures, moving assets across chains is a pain and major hurdle for mass-adoption.

Problem #2. icon

Impermanent Loss
Hurts LPs

Liquidity Providers are subject to impermanent loss and may walk away with less than they would have by not participating.

Problem #3. icon

Diluted Pair

Current decentralized exchanges pool assets with every other asset, diluting liquidity and increasing slippage.

Solution. icon

Liquidity Network

Elk.Finance aims to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to move your tokens across chains. No more walled gardens or high fees!

Solution. icon

Insurance Against Impermanent Loss

Elk.Finance believes in incentivizing liquidity providers by providing them with an insurance that they will not walk away with less.

Solution. icon

Native Settlement Currency

Elk.Finance only pools assets with the ELK token or our (upcoming) stablecoin. Therefore, our pools benefit from deeper liquidity.

The ELK Token


Technical Documents

Check out the Elk.Finance Litepaper and SDK Documentation

Future forecast

The Elk Finance Roadmap

2020 Q4

Start development on the Elk.Finance platform.

2021 Q1
Beta Launch

Launch liquidity pools on several chains.

2021 Q1
Airdrop & Farming

First airdrop and yield farming (per chain).

2021 Q2

Launch of ELK token governance.

2021 Q2

Early beta release of the stablecoin.

2021 Q2
SH Airdrop

Second Airdrop (NFT) for strong holders.

2021 Q3
Cross-chain LP

Beta release of cross-chain liquidity provisioning.

2021 Q3

Incentivized testnet release.

2021 Q4
Mainnet Launch

Release of the ELK mainnet.

* All dates are indicative.

Our Knowledgebase

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elk.Finance?

Elk.Finance is a cross-chain liquidity network, allowing for instantaneous exchange of tokens between chains. Elk.Finance also aims to provide the first gyroscopic stablecoin (CHFT) available on multiple chains for blazing fast payments anytime, anywhere.

How to get the stablecoin?

The Elk stablecoin, CHFT, has not been released yet. When it is, you will be able to purchase it right here or on other exchanges. You can also opt to burn some ELK to mint the stablecoin.

Can I use the cross-chain functionality yet?

Currently we support exchanging tokens on a per-chain basis. Until we launch the mainnet, you will have to move tokens across chains manually if you choose to. We will release tutorials for that.

What is the ELK token?

ELK is a utility token based on the ERC20 standard. All transactions on the Elk Finance will require burning a small amount of ELK. As an ERC20 standard, ELK is freely tradeable on exchanges and fully compatible with Ethereum wallets as well as compatible wallets on supported chains.

What is the price of the ELK Token?

It depends! We expect the price to increase over time as the supply of ELK decreases. However, as with all crypto tokens, you have to be prepared for some volatility. Do your own research before investing.

When CoinMarketCap?

We are applying as we speak. Expect updates soon!

What is the CHFT token?

CHFT is Elk.Finance's stablecoin. It is the first cross-chain gyroscopic stablecoin. As an ERC20 standard, CHFT is freely tradeable on exchanges and fully compatible with Ethereum wallets as well as compatible wallets on supported chains.

When CHFT?

We are planning to release CHFT in Q2 2021.

What does CHFT stand for?

You have probably heard of USDT and other USD-denominated stablecoins. Elk.Finance has opted to peg its stablecoin to the Swiss Franc (CHF), the world's most stable and safest currency. CHFT stands for CHF-Tethered.

What is the difference between CHFT and USDT?

Both are stablecoins. Unlike USDT, CHFT is pegged to the Swiss Franc, which is more stable. At the time of this writing, 1 CHF was worth approximately 1.08 USD so there is not much difference in value. A second difference is that CHFT is based on a novel stablecoin designed called 'gyroscopic'. Finally, upon launch of the mainnet, you will be able to transact in CHFT at blazing fast speed with super low fees.

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