Decentralized Cross-chain Bridge

Easily move between the most popular blockchains with the ElkNet cross-chain bridge.

  • Average transaction time <60s;
  • Decentralized node validation;
  • Constant network state monitoring; 

ElkNet empowers you to move through Web3 and DeFi – safely, speedily, self-custodially.

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ElkNet-integrated blockchains

Trusted by more than 55000 users.

The ElkNet bridge connects 20+ of the most popular EVM networks, giving you the peace of mind for moving your assets in a decentralized manner, and fast. 


The ElkNet bridge is trusted by over 55,000 users, ensuring reliability when moving assets in a decentralized and fast manner between more than 20 popular EVM networks.


ElkNet’s cross-chain bridge offers average transaction times of less than 60 seconds, ensuring speedy movement of assets in a secure and decentralized manner between various EVM networks.


ElkNet’s cross-chain bridge is building a fully decentralized framework, allowing users to move assets in a self-custodial and trustless manner between blockchains without the need for intermediaries or centralized control.

Bridge using your favorite wallet:

Metamask Wallet
Coinbase Wallet
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WalletConnect Wallet

Calling devs and builders

Use ElkNet infrastructure to create bespoke cross-chain applications on a secure and decentralized framework without fragmentation or exit liquidity problems

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